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Victory Drive Belt Cross/Vision Motorcycles

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Size: 154-Tooth, 28mm - AFTERMARKET DRIVE BELT.  - NOT VICTORY EOM   - free shipping only applies to DOMESTIC SHIPPING


Cross Country Tour - 2012 - 2017

Cross Country, Cross Country 8 Ball
Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic, Cross Roads 8 Ball

Hardball 2012-2013

Magnum 2015-2017

Vision, Vision Street, Vision Ness, Vision Tour, Vision Premium 2008-2017

X1 2015-2017

Manufacturer: FALCON SPC

The SPC belt by CintiTech is made with a special blended rubber with CARBON CORD. The belt has unparalleled strength and wear characteristics. These belts feature a patented fabric-reinforced tooth surface that can possible increase horsepower and improve wear resistance