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Sav-UR-Ride Clutch Cable Repair Kit - C101

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C101M fits all early Victory motorcycles 1999 to present, as well as those with a Vegas-based frame both with standard bars.  To find the correct cable for your bike please visit our Cable Application page.

TOOLS NEEDED : 8mm & 10mm wrench - Flathead screwdriver



(For standard bars only.  Any of the models below with high-rise bars - Ape Hangers - use the C103X)

8-Ball     *Boardwalk      *Gunner    *Hammer - all years - all models     *High-Ball - all models     *Judge     *Kingpin - all years - all models

*Touring Cruiser - all years     *V-92 - from 1999     *Vegas - all years - all models.