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LED 1.5" - 1.6" Fork Turn Signal Kit - Smoked Lens Kit (2)

$39.99 $20.99

LED 1.5" - 1.6" Fork Turn Signal Kit - Smoked Lens Kit are here.

Wrap them around your forks or place them anywhere. - double sided tape included 

There is NO relay/resistor included in this product

  • New design ensures the wrap-around LED turn signal will stay in place even on the hottest summer day.  
  • LED Fork Lights are sleek LED strips that wrap around your motorcycle forks and function as your turn signals
  • Our new design has a zip tie built into the light strip to ensure the strip won't come off in the hottest of conditions.
  •  Kit includes - 2 Amber LED Strips with 120 degree viewing angle for wider visibility.
  • OPTION -  $10  - Posi Tap Connectors (4) No Splicing Wires  -damaging wires
    - Size matched for just about any fork size (even inverted forks).
    - Smoked  "D" channel lens
    - Industrial strength double side mounting tape on back along with a built in Zip  Tie for added strength