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GAS TANK MINI BRA CRUISERS - Vegas, Kingpin, Gunner, Hammer, Highball, Jackpot

$49.99 $42.99

Expansion continues at Hopnel™ sewn products with their latest Gas Tank Mini Bra that protects your gas tank from buckle, zipper and knee scratches for the Victory cruisers. Designed to fit 2004 and newer Victory cruisers such as the Vegas, Kingpin, Gunner, Highball, Jackpot and Hammer. It conveniently wraps around the swept back gas tank of these models, between you and the seat, providing a tailored fit design with scratch protection. Attaches securely with hook and loop to the gas tank bottom edge, allowing easy access for cleaning. Made in the USA. - NO EMBROIDERY 

FITMENTGAS TANK MINI BRA, Black - For Victory - 2004-17, Vegas, Kingpin, Gunner, Hammer, Highball, Jackpot, Made in USA,