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Victory Motorcycles Brake Pedal

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 If You are looking at a conversion kit for the rear brake pedal with the screw on peg not a pedal and all Victory's with peg style brake pedal(#5412493) Please don't buy the FAKE ones out there they don't have a Patent on them and comes from sellers with less than perfect feedback and might be unsafe If you are like me you dislike the present peg style that came with the bike We have done the work for you here with this conversion It comes with a Kurakkan pad and a 3/16 plate, stainless hardware and instructions made for the Visions, Cross bikes and any Victory with the peg style brake pedal(#5412493) This is a bolt on piece and will take you about 10mins to do and makes the braking system feel like it should Just unscrew your peg/pedal and install mine with one bolt.

This is a must have item for your bike if you don't have one, I am sure one of your friends do and will tell you that they love it. This is just some of the comments I have been told It felt so much better I couldn't believe it It feels like a new braking system Now I can find the pedal much easier Why didn't Victory put this pedal on the bike to begin with It seems to stop easier with less pressure The way it feels makes this the best part I put on my bike so far 

Fitment: Victory brake pedal - kit  Fits Vision, Cross Road/Country Kingpin Magnum long shifter